The properties I've worked on.

The properties I've worked on.


From tooltips to cutscenes, I have experience in every aspect of game writing. I create characters, write their dialogue, ideate quests and scenarios, and develop overarching storylines.

On the more technical side, I also have experience performing grammar and continuity edits, naming locations and items, and building/managing term databases.

Below are examples of dialogue and characters I've produced for various games.

Belen the Ready, a character from the MMO, Blade & Soul.


Four Precedents: The story of a young man living in a post-apocalyptic town and the out-of-towner that changes his life forever.

In the Cave: A short, dialogue-focused piece about a boy visiting his reclusive neighbor, who happens to be a dragon.

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To learn the ropes of coding, I developed a Pokemon-based board game using Lua and the Love2D engine. Here's a fun sampler of reviews from real players, like you! 

"I have played it honestly more than 100 times with friends from all over. IT IS SUCH A GOOD AND FUN GAME."  -reddit user

"Me and my friends play it at least once a week and we love it!"  -reddit user, possibly harboring a drinking problem

"You are doing God's work!" -my #1 favorite reddit user

So very, very unlicensed.

Did I mention it's a drinking game?

        Mac Link

        Mac Link


    Windows Link

    Windows Link

Love2D Code Link

Love2D Code Link

Back in 2010, I wrote, shot, directed, and edited a short film titled Bike Dad. The title says it all, but in case it doesn't then consider it an homage to the classic father/son buddy films of history's most revered cinematic decade: the 1990's.

Check it out!