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"The times, they are a changin'."    - That Music Guy, You Know the One I Mean.

I'm very excited to announce that I have accepted a position writing at Remedy Entertainment, located in scenic Finland! I'll be working on their new IP, Control. Big changes, big games, big opportunity to escape the enemies I've made in Canada!

Scrap Station Sigma, here we come!

A couple months ago, I began working on with SleepyLizardGames on their upcoming title Scrap Station Sigma, a sci-fi adventure reminiscent of FTL that puts you in the captain's seat as you navigate a dangerous galaxy.

Scrap Station Sigma has been given that cherished green light by Steam and was featured at the Boston Festival of Indie Games. I am very excited to help the team at SleepyLizardGames with their game's storyline and characters and encourage you all to keep an eye out for its release, hopefully in early 2017. Until then!

Writing for Mad Devils

I recently joined the team at Itzy Interactive as the Head Writer for their game Mad Devils, a supernatural foray into a European hellscape during the throes of World War II. I'm writing the dialogue and story of an elite squad tasked with hunting down the Third Reich's occult division and couldn't be happier to help a talented team bring their game to life.

See the official announcement here and keep your eye out for Mad Devils, headed for PC and consoles.